We needed different! LearningRx Columbus-Dublin, OH Review

I cannot even begin to express the amazing care Lea and David took with my daughter!!! We arrived at the center burnt out and exhausted from trying every traditional method to help my daughter. She has numerous learning difficulties and every program/curriculum/ approach was all the same thing in a different package. NOT Learning RX!!!!! As David began explaining the program I was nearly in tears! It was so different! We needed different. Their approach was not only specific to our needs but Lea, David, Anita, Alli and all the staff at the center went out of their way to serve us and help us with our specific needs. I truly feel regenerated to help my child on her journey. *update* after just a few sessions (About 12 hours of training) my daughter recognized a date, and added a day. As little as this gain seems it was HUGE. She had never been able to do this before. I cannot say enough! I am one happy Mom!!

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