“We knew that this was the most important money we could have spent for Riley and her future success.”

Tutoring to LearningRx Review

Our daughter Riley (age 9) was gradually struggling more and more in school. Her confidence and ability to learn was lacking steadily and it became obvious to us that she was very unhappy and feeling very stupid. She no longer wanted to learn or try new things because she expected failure. We tried tutoring and quickly saw no positive results, but actually more frustration on her part. She even asked us why we would torture her when she could not do what was being asked. She especially hated math. We became concerned that this was affecting her whole outlook on life and her ability to succeed. A teacher suggested we look into LearningRx. After some research we were very impressed with the results LearningRx was getting, although we were frightened by the price. But knowing in our hearts Riley needed help we chose to have the evaluation done by LearningRx. She enjoyed the evaluation and even saw it as fun. After the results were in we sat down with the professionals at LearningRx and saw clearly what Riley’s issues were in great detail, and explaining everything to us clearly. They showed us what she was going through when she tried to learn new things. Simply put, Riley’s processing speed was approximately 2 years behind. They explained that tutoring was similar to hold a firehose to her face, everything coming at her fast and she couldn’t get a breath. The program they explained to us specifically designed for Riley is certainly not a “one program fixes all” but just what she needs. At that point we felt we had no choice but to help Riley succeed. Within a couple of weeks we saw her confidence climbing as well as her general happiness and outlook was much more positive. To sum it up, she has gained the 2 years of processing speed back and is firmly performing at grade level, not to mention trying many new things in and out of school. We knew that this was the most important money we could have spent for Riley and her future success. We are very thankful for this program as she could have so easily fallen through the cracks. We would encourage any parent to not focus on the price (as there is financing) but on the astonishing results as well as a child’s life changed.

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