We have truly enjoyed our experience with LearningRx

We have truly enjoyed our experience with LearningRx. It has allowed us to help our son improve cognitively and academically. We can see a difference in the way he thinks and his ability to solve problems. The Partner Program is also a plus because it allowed us to work with Troy and see his progress first hand. We got excited with him as he reached his goals and passed his levels with his trainer. She was so patient with him yet pushing him to improve the whole time. At the end of the program we were amazed that he could accomplish tasks that would have been difficult for adults. In addition, the activities we worked on with him helped us understand how he thinks and how we can help him focus. It was such a good feeling to help him accomplish tasks that he would have told you he would never be able to do. Once he reached his goal he realized not only that he could do it, but that is wasn’t as big of a challenge as he thought it would be. Lastly, we liked discovering the specific activities that were his favorites like Visual Golf and Visual Tic-Tac-Toe. He says LearningRx helped him learn a lot and he likes that he can add without using his fingers. I am grateful that we found LearningRx and the skills and confidence it has given our son.

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