We Can Never Thank All of You Adequately!

Before finding LeanringRx, homework had become a nightmare. Helping Sarah complete here homework and study for tests always ended in tears. To be honest, we started the LearningRx program as a “last ditch effort” to try to make learning and studying easier. The LearningRx program was truly an answer to prayers!

Before she completed the program, we noticed that Sarah was doing most of her homework on her own and rarely did studying and in tears. Another plus was that she organized her time better and usually started her homework without a lot of reminders. Sarah was on the A honor roll this year – we were all so proud of this accomplishment! The skills she learned and the support she received at LearningRx were part of her successful academic year. We were so pleased with the results of her training, we signed her up for the Comprehend program. While she is still not an avid reader, we have seen a lot of growth. Her comprehension has improved and she reads more “on her own.” Both of these things are blessings and big changes from her previous attitude towards reading.

Even more than the brain training, Sarah received something much more valuable. She found a mentor. Alli was the perfect match for Sarah. She pushed when Sarah needed pushing, she backed off when Sarah was too frustrated, and she always encouraged her. Alli became a friend and an example to our daughter. We will always be grateful for her positive influence.

In addition, the other trainers at LearningRx were always positive and motivating. Everyone had a kind word, a smile, encouragement, and praise for our daughter. In this environment, she blossomed! She has become more confident, more responsible, and less frustrated. We can never thank all of you adequately! If asked if I would do this again (including driving twice a week) I would whole heartedly and without hesitation say yes!

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