This program was a life changer for my son. LearningRx Indianapolis NE, IN Review

As another school year was coming to an end, I had come to the realization that my 13 year old’s frustrations and learning struggles had to be due to something more than discipline issues and a lack of willingness to “at least TRY”. For several years, I just kept thinking he would out-grow his inability to remember things, his inability to complete his homework independently, as well as his inability to follow instructions and not feel overwhelmed easily to the point of giving up. He struggled with spelling words, pronouncing words, reading comprehension and answering questions about things he had read. He could not retain a list of 3 tasks I would give him and would get angry at anyone who gave him more than one task to do at a time. He dodged doing his homework and even would cheat on it just so it wouldn’t take so long to finish. The last straw was the day he was doing his homework and he turned to me and said, “Mom, it just isn’t fair that my younger sister can do this work faster than me. I’m older and I’m supposed to be smarter than her! I’m just so STUPID!” as tears welled up in his eyes. I told him I agreed with him and from there, we set forth to find out what was “wrong” with him. We had friends that had gone through LearningRx-Indianapolis with their children and they just couldn’t say enough about the amazing and good things the LearningRx-Indianapolis program did for their son and daughter. So, I looked LearningRx-Indianapolis up on the internet and scheduled the cognitive skills assessment for my son. The assessment showed us WHY my son struggled. It also showed us that, no matter how much tutoring and help he was getting, he would never get better until we fixed the underlying reason he was having those struggles in the first place. We had to do something to change our sons future! LearingRx was the right choice. By half way through his program, my son noticed he was able to complete his homework independently and quickly. He also developed the endurance it took to go through school and learn and do assignments as well as doing his chores around the house. By the end of his program, he was a more confident young man with a healthy self esteem both at school and as the wonderful person he is. He stopped giving up so easily, could remember tasks and new material he was learning in school. The LearningRx program was completely tailored just for our son’s needs and now, we have a different son in our home. He has developed a belief in his own ability to push through the difficulties that come his way, knowing he can succeed. Many people, those we know and even strangers, have commented on his schoolwork, study skills, and his work ethic and they have inquired as to what we have done to make him the way he is. My only reply to them is, “A little love, a little empathy, and a lot of an investment in his future called the LearningRx program.” I would tell other parents that this program was a life changer for my son and my family. We have put a second son through the program now with the same results. I would do this program for each of my children without a second thought because I am willing to invest the time and money to equip my child for life and a successful future. This program will do what no sports had done for my children, which is where we had been investing our money and time yet still struggling in school. LearningRx gave my children confidence, the ability to learn, the ability to have a future, the ability to succeed, and a hope in the knowledge that they can do whatever they set out to do. If you suspect your child needs help, you should schedule the assessment with LearningRx to find out why they are struggling. Then, give your child the hope of success by fixing that problem at LearningRx!

Michael S.

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