“This memory brain training saved my sons inner self.”

My son completed LearningRx 4 yrs ago- sweet boy had such trouble with reading. He was labeled as a sight reader and not dyslexic. I was at my wits end and the school performed a digit span test. Horrid results. I researched LearningRx very deeply. What got me hooked was the success with military head injuries. The company tested him and low and behold his long term memory and short term memory were dismal to say the least. 6 months later he felt like superman. His post testing was stellar!!! Here is the rub though- he did have learning gaps from years of minimal long term memory. We put in the work and filled them slowly. His standardized testing scores are superb, he is getting A’s in middle school at a prestigious private school in Buckhead. He writes and speaks Chinese. Since he knew failure he is not afraid to dig in and hammer out the studying. This program worked for my son and 2 of his friends. What it is not is a magic session where one doesn’t have to keep finger on the child for a bit. This memory brain training saved my sons inner self. He can achieve and does every day. When I hear of kids who struggle and their memory is sketchy I think.. How can you learn if you honestly can’t remember? What hell is that? How would I feel about myself? Breaks my heart because LearningRx fixes that . Best money I have ever spent.

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