This is brain training not tutoring! LearningRx Review

Wow! I really didn’t understand what I was looking for when I was investigating ways to help my 17 year old son with his attention and reading difficulties. He has always had good grades and I would even say has excelled at school until his junior year when he started taking AP courses. He complained of not being able to focus and being disinterested in school. We started at the doctor, maybe ADD? Tried to get testing for ADD & dyslexia but the wait times are over 3 mo this to get an appointment and cost us $3000 or more. I started googling testing for learning difficulties and found Learning RX. Called, got an appointment within a week. Assessment showed that my sons short term memory was really low… speed worked all summer to squeeze in before he went off to college. Results: he got himself there everyday, no complaints, final assessments scores were showed amazing improvement, his confidence is way up, he’s happy and he feels ready for school! This is brain training not tutoring! And the results are amazing. Worth the cost anyway!

Julie Y.

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