This boy’s future is bright! LearningRx Charlottesville, VA Review

In February of 2017, a despairing eleven year old boy reluctantly walked into Learning Rx. A boy, who felt as though he’d been evaluated and gauged his entire life. From one appointment, one analysis, to the next. From one teacher, one special ed classroom, to the next. This boy, so desperate to learn and frantic to fit in, just couldn’t. Initial testing revealed that this 5th grader, cognitively, compared to 2nd graders. In all areas of evaluation, he tested significantly below level. We began training immediately. It was intense. Three days a week, 90 minute sessions, sometimes Friday night, sometimes Saturday morning, brutal for a pre-teen. There were days when he would cry, even resist drop-off at the center. Then there was Heather… In May, a new connection was made, Heather Spence became the brain trainer. Whereas the repetitious mental exercises noticeably enriched this boy’s cognitive skills, Heather Spence made the greatest impact! The bond that formed, that unified a team of two, will never be forgotten by my son. Not only was Heather able to keep him fighting, “do it again,” she also built, pebble by pebble, a self-confidence, a conviction, a quality, a value no longer present within this young boy. In June, the nearly 12 year old, read his first book independently. In December, he participated in a play with a speaking part, a dancing part, and even played the chimes during several songs. With a heart of gold and a lifetime of possibilities, this boy’s future is bright. Thank you Learning Rx, thank you Heather Spence!

Lindsay F.

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