The program exceeded what we anticipated. LearningRx Charlottesville, VA Review

The program track that was suggested gave us the results we were looking for in the timeframe we wanted. It also exceeded what we were anticipating.

Trent was already a good student and as he was approaching the end of his schooling we were looking to sharpen any cognitive areas showing weakness to prepare him for college and beyond. One area of particular concern was his processing speed. He is very thorough in his work process, but we knew he needed to increase the speed at which he completed his school work. About halfway into the training I pointed out to Trent that he was able to complete his challenging school work each week while also adding in 10-12 hours each week traveling to training or working on training at home. In effect he added another 10-12 hours to his productive week. His ability to reason and transition from task to task showed marked improvement. His ability to use divided attention grew exponentially which has also aided in completing his schoolwork and quickly change from one task to another without having a warmup period.

Trent Z.

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