The best investment for our child’s future! LearningRx San Antonio NE, TX Review

I first learned about LearningRX About a year before we inquired about it. I saw Gina on the San Antonio living Show where she was describing some of the reasons kids struggle in school and how the program is set up to help. Our daughter was struggling at School, forgetting her books or homework daily and we were having to keep reminding her on what it was she needed to do. Fast forward a year, we finally decided to get her evaluated. The results were surprising. Signing up for the program was the best investment for our child’s future.
The first improvements we noticed were to her self esteem and confidence. Her work and academic performance has also improved significantly. She is taking AP classes at school and has made honor roll all semesters.
Attention and memory were two of our main concerns when she started the program, she is not as easily distracted as she was before.
Her trainer Christy has been awesome. She is supportive and encouraging. Without this program, we are not sure where our daughter would be academically at this time. The one on one training sessions and the way the program is divided focuses on the areas that the student is struggling with. The skills she has learned at Learning RX will carry her thru life. Ms. Gina and Ms. Kathy are so easy to work with. They truly care for their students.

N. Patrick

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