Thank you LearningRx for giving us our life back! Tysons, VA LearningRx Review

We had our daughter at LearningRx for several months for her processing speed and dyslexia and the program helped her significantly. We were so impressed with the results we put our high school sons in an intensive program over the summer. All the kids now keep track of their projects and assignments on their own and complete them all to near perfection. The staff was the best – we couldn’t have better trainers! We love that the kids are more self aware of how their brains function and they realize that electronic devices are not good for them! Thank you LearningRx for giving us our life back! Panchy...
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The LearningRx program/system works. Tysons, VA LearningRx Review

Over the course of the past 8 months, we have received so much support from all the staff and the director at the LearningRx Vienna center. We highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve various critical thinking skills and get exceptional brain development training. We have seen a drastic improvement in our son’s overall reading skills, comprehension, and reading fluency which has also indirectly improved his spelling proficiency as a result. He reads more fluidly, wants to understand what he had read, and really enjoys reading so much more than ever before. It has been a combination of all the training and practice by working through various techniques such as distractions, etc that were employed that helps him to persist through. And it has given him a sense of overall accomplishment. The LearningRx program/system works, and this center has transformed him into someone whom we can see is able to achieve so much more. Liz...
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