“We know our daughter was bright”

Make Your Brain Connections! We know our daughter was bright, but there was something that was causing her to struggle with homework. The techniques and strategies utilized in this program helped to flip her switch ‘on’. She is having an easier time with concentrating, and completes her work without so much resistance. Her trainer was able to keep her focused and pointed in the right direction at all times, with compassion and a smile on her face. My daughter enjoyed the one on one attention. We all enjoy the new ‘brain connections’ that have been made! -Grace...
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“I’m sure that this training has made new “brain” connections for her”

Flip Your Switch On! We come to LearningRx to see if the curriculum would help to ease our daughter’s struggle in learning. We knew she was a bright child, but she strugggled with concepts and abstract learning, It is my belief that the techniques and strategies utilized in the program has helped to flip her switch “on”. As we are near the end of her program, she has had less trouble completing school assignments; she chooses to use her time wisely and complete homework in the car on the way to LearningRx; and she has been completing reading assignments with much less argument and procrastination. At home, we have noticed that she listens better, understands consequences more; and adjusts to sleeping in her own bed much more amicably. Her trainer kept her engaged, entertained, and on task. (Yes, I am talking about you, Holly!) In situations where I would have lost my cool, her trainer was able to steer her in the proper direction with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. Our daughter always enjoyed coming to her “LearningRx training” She loves to be the center of attention, and that’s what she got. I’m sure that this training has made new “brain” connections for her and I look forward to seeing her final test results. Sure the program is a big ‘time and financial’ commitment, but I’m not sure that I could have gotten results with her on my own accord. My daughter has made mostly ‘A’ grades this year and a couple of hight ‘B’s’. Without this program. It may have been a harder struggle to accomplish that. -Grace...
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“The results were amazing!”

Mother AND teacher reviews daughter’s experience at LearningRx: As a teacher and a parent, I thought the results were amazing! We had tried regular tutoring, but it never identified my daughter’s overall weaknesses and filled in the gaps in her cognitive processing the way LearningRx did. This program taught her strategies she can use in all levels and areas of learning. Also, the close, personal relationship the trainer developed with my child was a key component to her success. She was encouraging and still held her accountable. We felt a close bond with both Maria Pelaez and Maria Jones. They took such an interest in helping my child and caring about her life outside of training as well. They were both a great source of advice and support to our entire family. They became friends and will be greatly...
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