“Best money and decision we ever made for our child”

LearningRx Brain Training Student Success! LearningRx has been the BEST thing we have decided to do for our child. The owner and the instructors are amazing and so accommodating. My child was having a hard time learning. We came here and we have been over the moon happy with her progress. She grew “8 reading levels” in one school year. Her teachers were amazed as were we. All in all best money and decision we ever made for our child. I am ever so great full for LearningRx. Please don’t let you child struggle. This place will help. -Katie...
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“Our trainer was a wonderful instructor”

Our trainer was a wonderful instructor. Also, the availability of the Director to work with us on so many aspects i.e. payment plan, schedule, etc. helped us be able to do the program and have great success
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