I totally recommend Learning Rx! Shreveport, LA LearningRx Review

Discovering and connecting with Learning Rx has absolutely been one of the best experiences for me and my family. Originally I was invited to join a group of women who met weekly at noon to run through a battery of activities (games, puzzles, etc.) that were designed to help our cognitive thinking skills.They did more than that. They also began to expose our strengths (fun and easy) and those areas that needed work (not so fun and frustrating)! The staff at Learning Rx were engaging and encouraging but also not willing to let us slide by. Before long things that were difficult became easier and fun… soon to be replaced by something more challenging. At age 68, 69, and 70 and a brain surgery, this was exactly what I needed to regain my confidence and to develop some new skills. My improvement was so evident that I later had one of my grandsons evaluated and enrolled in the Learning Rx program designed for him His skill level and confidence grew as well. The staff and the atmosphere are excellent. I always feel encouraged and it feels personal. I totally recommend Learning Rx! Melinda...
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” I love the positive changes I have seen in the kids”

LearningRx Brain Trainer I am an employee at LearningRx Santa Rosa for almost a year. I love the positive changes I have seen in the kids enrolled in our programs. For example, we have a teenage student that cried on his first session. However, by the end of the session he left with a smile on his face. Our sessions are fun yet challenging. Our kids are learning how to work through the struggles instead of just giving up. They learn social skills along with tools to help for better focus and processing through tough situations. I have never seen a student leave without a smile on their face. I am so proud of our students and love to see their confidence...
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