Excited to see what’s next for my daughter! LearningRx Costa Mesa, CA Review

I am beyond impressed with Learning RX the staff and the business owners. My daughter is eager to attend her training to learn how to focus and help her with a few of her leaning disabilities after she met with the therapist last Friday. They test is multi layered and compressive but they make it fun without realizing they are assessing the areas you need development on. They are compassionate and explain throughly how the program works and why it’s important to each of us. I am excited to see what’s next for my daughter and can’t wait to see the results. Thank you Learning RX! Leila...
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” Learningrx is a very positive environment”

Our daughter was struggling in school & at home with “keeping up”. At school it was apparent in math, processing speed, attention, etc. At home it was with focus, listening when other things were going on around her, etc. We tried neurofeedback, with no real change. We knew that she needed a long term solution that neurofeedback & tutors couldn’t fix. We got her tested at Learningrx & met with Sue Ann & Mike to go over a plan. Our daughter enjoyed going everyday, even when it “seemed” challenging. They made it fun! Learningrx is a very positive environment for not only the child, but the parent’s as well. As parents our job is to stay positive during the Learningrx journey. We realized that we can be triggers in preventing growth. So we as a family learned to celebrate even the smallest accomplishment. As a result of that & Learningrx , our daughter has become a wonderful young lady. She now knows she can do ANYTHING! Math, she said is now her favorite subject. When asked why, she replied, because I get it...
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