“We know our daughter was bright”

Make Your Brain Connections! We know our daughter was bright, but there was something that was causing her to struggle with homework. The techniques and strategies utilized in this program helped to flip her switch ‘on’. She is having an easier time with concentrating, and completes her work without so much resistance. Her trainer was able to keep her focused and pointed in the right direction at all times, with compassion and a smile on her face. My daughter enjoyed the one on one attention. We all enjoy the new ‘brain connections’ that have been made! -Grace...
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“If you love your child, you need to make this happen.”

LIFE CHANGER! My 12 year old girl had been struggling with her homework and preparing for tests. Our nights consisted of frustration, from my wife and I, and tears from my daughter. For me, it was heartbreaking, because I could identify with her struggles. My wife had mentioned LearningRx, so we decided to schedule a consultation. Instantly I was amazed with the activity and energy of the teaching stations. When we met with our counselor, he immediately assured my girl that there was nothing wrong with her. He told her that they were going recalibrate her brain to work more efficiently by finding her strong areas and using them to build on her weaker areas. My jaw hit the floor as he shared techniques and explained the processes. I was sold. Right then and there, I was committed to see this through. We signed up for the 6 months, 6 hours a week program. I expected there to be push back from my daughter, but there was none. She said that she felt like they weren’t “teaching” her anything and that it was like they were playing games and puzzles. I thought to myself, BRILLIANT! The classes ran all through summer and spilled into the next school year. Guess what, there wasn’t any stress with homework or tests. As a matter of fact, she was able to complete her homework at school! Our family time was saved! After completing the course, my daughter is now a member of the honor society, a straight A student and for December, she was student of the month for 8th grade Shakopee! We are so grateful to the entire Savage, LearningRx team. My daughter’s academic future has been directed to a path of continued excellence. I truly wish every child had the opportunity to have LearningRx work with them. My daughter not only has better grades, but she has been given confidence as she becomes a young woman and chases her ever evolving career path. If you love your child, you need to make this happen. IT’S A LIFE...
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