“Such an incredible experience”

LearningRx Training Intensive

I attended a training last month and it was such an incredible experience. It was very well planned balanced with presentations, small group sessions, a live trainer/student demonstration, practice rounds amongst ourselves, as well as interactions with those working the main center along with many others who flew in from other states. One of the most standout parts of the training was the live trainer/student demonstration, I learned so much from this hour of observation, I do wish there was another live session we could observe with another trainer/student. One takeaway was when the research was presented regarding the TBI/MRI scans and hearing the stories behind how training has drastically benefited these clients lives. It was so nice to be with a community of individuals, hearing their stories and seeing just how passionate they are about the work they do and how it is helping so many in the community. The staff was very welcoming, so pleasant to speak with and learn from. I am so thankful for the outstanding training.

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