She never felt like she was tutoring. LearningRx Petaluma, CA Review

My daughter had been struggling with reading at her grade level. She was about to enter second grade. She had gone to 1 year of pre school, pre-k, kindergarten and 1st grade. We had noticed by the end of kindergarten that her letter recognition and phonetics were at about an 8 month delay. In addition to that she had major inconsistencies. One day she would do really well identifying letters and sounds and putting blends together, the next it was like she was looking at letters for the first time. She started reading intervention through her school and was making progress but not enough to catch up with her peers. We did a summer reading program and another year of reading intervention at school and she continued to struggle. She is really mature, artistic, and creative. She was excelling at math and science and seemed to have a great memory so we couldn’t figure out what was holding her back with reading and writing. Then we discovered Learning RX. She began with the Lift Off program. The trainers are so skilled and knowledgeable. They make the program super fun. She never felt like she was tutoring. They engage your children with a series of games that strengthen their attention span, and their focus. Every week we saw improvement in her speed, her fluency, and confidence. We stuck with the program for 3hrs a week over 5 months. Not only did my daughter improve in reading and writing skills we saw improvement in other subjects as well. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who’s child needs a little boost in academics. The best part is it never felt like a chore. She loved going to the center and even doing home practice. Now instead of getting frustrated and shutting down. She navigates through her assignments with total confidence. Even when she needs assistance or can’t quite figure something out she challenges herself to keep going.
Thank you Learning RX! 

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