She is so passionate about what they do. Costa Mesa, CA LearningRx Review

I brought my daughter to the LearningRx last year because she was in 3rd grade with a 1st grade reading level. I had a feeling that she was dyslexic. When I met Noha she explained to me that they don’t diagnose or put labels on anyone. As it turned out my daughter scored very low in word attack. (If you want to put a label on it would be dyslexia lol) she also scored low on short term memory which made sense to me and some other things. When I met with Noha after the testing I was sold. She is so passionate about what they do and was absolutely confident that my daughter would be up to her reading level when she completed the program and would be able to stay focused, follow directing and her confidence would increase. My daughters confidence was definitely effecting by what was going on with her. She was afraid to read out loud or raise her hand for help in school. She was having a hard time with comprehension as well. Well, now we’re half way through and it’s such a dramatic change! She read her first chapter book and came home excited from school because she read out loud in group at school and did great! The amazing part is once she finishes the program she will never have to do it again! The way she see’s letters and numbers will no longer be backwards, separated or mixed up. It so far is the best money I’ve spent and she can now grow with confidence. Oh and she has so much fun when she is there. She is now with Dayla who has great energy and seems to really enjoy what she does!

Stacy C.

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