Our son suffered two concussions… LearningRx Akron-Bath, OH Review

Our son suffered two severe concussions by fifth grade. The first in third grade at a soccer game and the second in fifth grade on the playground at Heartland Christian School. By sixth grade (age 12) my child began to struggle academically. Teachers demeaned, belittled, or accused him of being disruptive as he struggled to understand what was being taught. Children with cognitive damage due to multiple concussions are especially vulnerable to this kind of treatment and unfortunately, continue to hear accusations that they are lazy and unmotivated or that they should pay closer attention. Afton experienced this treatment to the point where he started to believe these labels. Luckily, we found Learning RX in Akron (Trainer Andrew is the best) & left HCS. Today, as a freshman at Beaver Local he enjoys school, is striving with a 3.8 GPA, and has had his self esteem restored. I feel strongly about the vital importance of correct post concussion treatment in and out of school.

Craig M.

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