Our Daughter’s Experience with LearningRx

I heard about LearningRx over two years ago. Being a former teacher, I thought that it sounded like a fantastic program that would help our daughter. She seemed to be doing OK in school. Her teachers never expressed concern, so we weren’t really concerned. Most of her grades were As and Bs, and she really excelled in some subjects. However, when she began 6th grade, we realized that she wasn’t really where she should be. We knew she had the potential to be doing better than OK. And, that as she began to have dreams and goals for her future, her achievement was likely to compromise that future. The initial evaluation proved what we believed to be true. Our daughter began the program and enjoyed the training sessions. Her trainer was great! I began to see my daughter reading faster, being more of a self-motivated learner and more likely to take on a learning challenge. She had less test anxiety and did great on her TCAP tests. Her grades at the end of the school year were the best they’ve been in years. We are so proud of her and the improvements that she has made. We look forward to her future and encouraging her to accomplish anything she desires.

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