Now, Bradee Is Reading Books on Her Own

Bradee has always struggled with school. She started first grade behind her peers, but her teacher worked with her and caught her up. After first grade she had continued to fall behind. School work overwhelmed her and was often brought home to be completed along with her assigned homework. It took her hours to do everything, even with help and she was frustrated every evening. Then we had her tested at LearningRx at the beginning of 5th grade. She has completed their ReadRx program Her dyslexia always made reading difficult for her, although she loved to be read to and had great comprehension skills when she listened to the story. Now, Bradee is reading books on her own and learning which kind of books and which authors she likes best. She has a Kindle and downloads books. LearningRx has helped her catch up with her peers, learn to love reading, and helped our entire family feel excited about school instead of frustrated! We can’t thank LearningRx and her trainer enough.

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