My Son’s Trainer Has Been a God-Send!

In short, I was a desperate and exhausted parent when I “discovered” LearningRx, and while I am still somewhat exhausted I am no longer desperate. Through the wonderfully caring and encouraging relationship my son, Miles, forged with his trainer and mentor, he has not only grown in cognition but most importantly in personal esteem and self-responsibility. He takes more initiative for getting his school work done and has more confidence in completing his work in a more independent, timely fashion. His processing speed has improved as he completes tasks more quickly. His memory skills are better to the point that he remembers assignments and keeps up with the materials better. He has matured and taken more personal responsibility for his work. I am sure the actual curriculum and skill-building exercises have improved his cognitive skills, but there is no question that the greatest advances here come from the deep and positive connection and relationship he has forged with his trainer. She has been a God-send to us all!! Many thanks, especially for her!

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