“Most importantly she views herself as a successful student.”

LearningRx Student Exceeding Growth!

Wonderful caring staff who push my child to her potential using scientifically proven training methods. Grace was struggling at home with impulse control and lack of emotional maturity. At school, she had difficulty paying attention and remembering. I think she was getting used to struggling and failing so she was less willing to put forth a lot of effort for little result. LearningRx has increased her confidence and self-esteem by demonstrating that she is capable of ignoring distractions, focusing longer, and remembering facts, pictures, and numbers. She is now willing and able to apply herself because she believes she is capable of succeeding.
The unique LearningRx training methods have built her endurance for frustration, increased her working memory capacity, and developed her visual memory. These skills have improved her performance in all subjects to a measurable degree. She has exceeded the growth goals in reading and math MAP tests. She is catching up to her peers but most importantly she views herself as a successful student. LearningRx is worth every penny we invested in her future.

-Julie L.

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