Medication has been eliminated. LearningRx Charlottesville, VA Review

My son Alexander had been having reading difficulties for several years, along with great anxiety and low self-esteem from being fussed at for not getting his work finished on time and for wiggling. We stumbled upon Learning Rx by accident while looking for a reading tutor, and found a magical place within its walls. From the initial assessment, the trainers discovered that my son was not just a “lazy reader” as I had been told. He had an actual physical problem with putting together letters and sounds. After completing their program, my son not only improved his reading by several grade levels, but his ability to control his impulses and his frustration towards himself drastically improved as well. Being a part of the Learning Rx environment was life-changing for him, as he is finishing 3rd grade at the top of his class instead of at the bottom. The skills he learned at Learning Rx will continue to grow each year. Plus, his everyday ability to manage life seems easier for him as well. It is amazing to witness his confidence soaring.

His ADHD medication has been eliminated.

Xander N.

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