“luckily I came across LearningRX.”

I was amazed at the skills my son learned at LearningRX. He has struggled in reading since elementary school and he is now a freshman in high school. I have had him involved in tutoring sessions and extra reading groups. The extra help he received helped him tremendously, but he still struggled and hated reading because of it. I never stopped searching for what the issue was with his reading struggles and luckily I came across LearningRX. My son has auditory processing disorder which affects how a person processes information. The training he received at LearningRX was outstanding, not too mention how much his confidence level rose. He is now able to read an entire book on his grade level without asking for help or struggling with the words. He actually enjoys reading now and his grades are extremely good. He has been on the honor roll each semester. He so enjoyed going to LearningRX his instructors were the best and he looked up to them with so much respect. The skills he learned will be life long skills he will carry with him not only through high school, but through college and onto the career of his choice. Thank you LearningRX.

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