“LearningRx was THE answer”

 Brain Training Families

Our 13 year old son struggled in school. Over the years we tried a host of therapies and interventions, all of which helped some. We tried traditional subject tutoring but found that it was always clear he could, in fact, do the work, understood the concepts. But he felt so overwhelmed and stressed that he made simple mistakes. We knew there was some foundational missing link that was getting in the way, regardless of subject matter. And his self-esteem was in the toilet – he had very poor self-talk and that, as a parent, was the biggest heartbreak for my husband and I. LearningRx was THE answer because Kevin’s team uncovered exactly the core issues that were driving his challenges – very, very slow processing speed coupled with underdeveloped long-term and short-term memory. The 10 month program we embarked on with Andrew, our incredible trainer, was a commitment, to be sure, schedule-wise, our son’s effort, our home training effort, and financially. But it paid HUGE dividends. He made gains in the quality of his work and performance. Most importantly, our son said he didn’t feel stupid anymore, and that he was more confident that he could do the work. That was worth everything. Thank you, Andrew. Thank you, Kevin and Jill. Thank you Learning Rx. Our younger son also benefited from a shorter LearningRx program, so we are repeat customers. Highly recommend!

-Lisa B.

Waukesha, WI

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