LearningRx Was an Answer to My Prayers

My son was having trouble in a few classes, so he was taking inclusion classes. Though the school system failed to test him for several years, we could never tell if he was improving. His grades were ok, but I felt he could improve.

Since I’m in school, I had to pass the LearningRx every day, so I decided to see exactly what they were. To my surprise, they were the answer to my prayers.

Almost instantly, within a month, I could see a change in my son’s thought process and his willingness to put more effort into his work. It has just changed his work ethic and level to an all time high. And now when we play Jeopardy on the X-Box, he has beaten me a few times. I love everything about the LearningRx. It was a great experience for me and my son.

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