“LearningRx staff extends beyond the training”

My staff and I (4 of us) enjoyed a memorable and informative LearningRx training at the Home Office. The training was extensive and well organized. Multiple staff members facilitated and were present throughout the week. Each day was packed with information and hands-on review of materials and techniques. There was a good balance between lecture and activities, which made for an engaging learning experience. The facilitators took time to thoughtfully answer all questions and provided us with lots of time to practice various skills. The LearningRx staff is a cohesive team, and they welcomed all who attended with open-arms. Everyone was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. This was our staff’s first time traveling to Colorado. The lodging and sightseeing recommendations we received provided us with excellent staff bonding opportunities and a chance to explore the beauty of Colorado Springs. The support and hospitality of the LearningRx staff extends beyond the training. They remain responsive and approachable, which is very much appreciated.

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