LearningRx is the quintessential training center. Charlottesville, VA Review

Learning Rx, undoubtedly, is the quintessential training center. My son’s achievements and gains in the Learning Rx program not only exceeded outstanding, but also defied scientific findings – such as increasing your IQ by a standard deviation. Everyone here looks out for your best interests the moment you walk through the front door. The owner is accepting, attentive, and compassionate. In addition, my son’s trainers’ care was exemplary. In particular, Michelle’s efforts to meet the scheduling obstacles and attempt to organize and juggle the custody schedule of my son were meritorious. Michelle’s training style was a perfect balance of meticulousness, encouragement, and gentleness. She helped build his confidence in school, at the piano, and in decision making in sports. I am astounded by my son’s ability to stay attentive, how quickly and confidently he can complete school work and tasks now, and how much more enjoyable school is to him. Words can’t truly express the power and greatness of this program.

Kerri R.

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