“LearningRx helped our daughter with her school work and confidence”

School Results of Brain Training

My first grader began “brain training” at the beginning of the year. She came in with very low confidence in her ability to keep up with her math facts, she would come home with very low scores on her weekly quizzes, like 4 out of 25. Now, only halfway through our session plan, she beams with pride when she brings her quizzes home that are almost 100%, 25 out of 25 is not an unusual score! Her report card used to consist of 2’s and even 1’s on various subjects and I am thrilled to report that her last TWO report cards had all 3’s, across the board! Accordingly, her self esteem and confidence have significantly improved! Not only has our time at LearningRx helped our daughter with her school work and confidence, she LOVES to come! She has such a great time training with Amber and looks forward to every session!

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