LearningRx Has Made a Radical Difference in the Way My Son Processes Information

LearningRx is and has been a very beneficial program for my son.  He has completed the program during his 3rd grade school year.  I strongly believe that LearningRx has made a radical difference in the way he processes information and a strong contribution to his school success.  The combination of a truly wonderful classroom teacher and exceptional Rx teachers has proven to push my son to a higher level of learning.  The consistency of the Rx program has kept him focused and aware of his own learning.  I believe that he is more confident and feels a sense of empowerment in his learning environment.  He has enjoyed going to LearningRx and has been motivated by the completion of reaching higher levels and earning points.  We have observed him thinking more independently, thinking more maturely, and being more responsive than before.

I believe that this type of learning or brain training versus just being tutored is going to provide continued success throughout school and life.  My child is thinking quickly, is striving to read more smoothly, and is reading more independently.  These may sound like minor issues for an average child, but these issues were causing homework stress.  He has also moved up two grade levels in reading.  The LearningRx program, the trainers, and his classroom teacher have pushed him to the cutting edge.  He now sees his own potential; meaning he has gained higher expectations of himself.  We have been so fortunate this year to have the whole package and are so thankful for the convenience of the LRx program.

I researched many different programs before I found the LearningRx web site.  I was looking for something that could make or create a “click” in my child’s brain.  I believe that we have found it.  I trust that this program has been a big step for hm in the life-long learning process.  Again, my family is so thankful for this program and for the people who make up this program. We are proud of the outcome and definitely the less stressful homework time.

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