Learningrx Gave My Son a New Start Toward a Bright Future

LearningRx came into our life when Athan was in Kindergarten. After dealing and getting under control his problems with ADHD, he was still having great difficulty academically. He lacked confidence and would not apply himself. I heard about LearningRx and discussed this with Athan’s Kindergarten teacher and we both agreed that it couldn’t hurt to try.

Athan was tested and we got our answers. Athan is dyslexic and LearningRx had the solution to help him learn. Athan was in the program for a while and it seemed that no change was happening, but then the light came on and Athan began to soar. His confidence grew. The last 9 weeks of his Kindergarten year he brought his grades from unsatisfactory to satisfactory. His teacher was thrilled as were many others in his life. Athan had been in danger of being retained, but thanks to LearningRx he was able to pull up his grades and move onto first grade. He also went from being in the bottom in his Kindergarten class to now being in the top of his first grade class.

Thank you so much LearningRx for helping Athan with his learning abilities, giving him a new start toward a bright future.

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