LearningRx changed the course of our daughter’s academic life. Louisville-Springhurst, KY Review

Our daughter walked into LearningRx with the thought the she would never be able to succeed in school. She had struggled with school her entire life, never seeing success, and she had it in her mind “she couldn’t.” Early on in the program she would be challenged by her tutor and my daughter would give up and say “I cant.” Her tutor wouldn’t allow her to quit and my daughter slowly began to see she could. Over the course of the year we began to see small changes in her attitude towards school. She seemed to enjoy learning new things and surprised all of us with a 4 on her first AP test at the end of the school year. This year she is a different kid and has started the school year on fire. During the first 6 weeks she has 4 As, 3Bs, and a C with 2 AP courses. Her confidence in herself has grown exponentially. If you have a child that just doesn’t seem to connect with school give LearninRX a call. They have changed the course of our daughter’s academic life. Thank you to Michelle and the rest of the LearningRx team we are glad we found you.

Kevin M.

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