Learning RX is life-changing! Shreveport, LA Review

We all knew our sweet Eli was struggling. In kidergarte, he couldn’t complete his work without teacher assist. He needed extra help learning concepts and completing his paperwork. His speech was slow as he agonized over recalling the words he wanted to say. He would often give up trying to communicate because he couldn’t retrieve the words he wanted to use. He simply wasn’t able to process and keep up with the world around him. Our little guy seemed ‘beat down’ and had low self-esteem.

I had heard about Learning RX, but wasn’t sure what it was. I happened to win a silent acution of the initial evaluation at RX, so I decided to have Eli tested. The testing showed that he was up to 2 years behind on processing information.

Eli began his 24-week program in March 2017. We began to notice an improvement after a few weeks. By the end of the kindergarten school year, Eli was able to complete many items in the classroom on time. He also was able to empty out his ‘to-do’ basket of unfinished assignments. He speech began to become more fluid as recall improved.

The RX program continued through the summer. By the beginning of first grade, Eli was like a different boy. His confidence soared! He has only come home with one piece of paper that says he needed teacher help. His speech is fluid and for the first time in his life he can express his thoughts and ideas. What a contrast to kindergarten! His speech is fluid, his confidence is high, and he’s making A’s!

Learning RX is life changing. We are so grateful for the RX program! Thanks and God Bless!

Sarah W., Eli’s grandma

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