Kyle Has Made Unbelievable Progress

I have known since Kyle was in Kindergarten that he did not process information correctly. He had it in his head but he could not transfer it to the paper. He would say the letter, then ask me, “How do you write that?” We retained him in Kindergarten. He made little progress the next year. In 1st grade we would do homework for hours at night. It was a struggle just to keep him passing.

In the summer between 1st and 2nd grade I saw a commercial for LearningRx on TV. I stopped by LearningRx just to find out some information. Before I left we had set up a testing date for him. He was tested and we found out that he was dyslexic.

He started training at LearningRx about a month later. He has made unbelievable progress. Kyle has always loved for someone to read to him. He went from being a non-reader to loving to read. It is wonderful to ride down the road and have him reading everything he sees. He is very proud of himself when he can read a book with little or no help. Homework is now completed with little or no help and is done in about 30 minutes. He was even on the “B” Honor Roll. He would not have accomplished any of this if it were not for the wonderful training that he received at LearningRx.

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