Just what the doctor ordered! LearningRx San Antonio NW, TX Review

My experience with LearningRx – San Antonio North West was just what the doctor ordered! I had been having some challenges remembering all of the content I was required to know for my continuing education requirements for my professional line of work — things like nutrition biochemistry and functional anatomy, various periodization techniques, etc. I’d tried some digital-based stand alone products but they just didn’t provide the individualized level of service that I needed. Going through the training was one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and, while I still struggle with some of those chemical bonds, my memory has increased tremendously and it’s beginning to have a positive impact in all areas of life. LearningRx provides a safe, respectful, challenging and fun environment. You learn how to learn. It serves as an adjunct to the education setting and makes subject learning more efficient and easier. I enjoyed my training so much I joined their team!

Cheryl W.

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