” I’ve grown more confident and formed better learning habits”

The first time I walked into LearningRx, I was shy and nervous about what was going to happen. My trainer Ana looked very nice and I was excited once we started training, and I recognized a few things my sister did when she went to LearningRx. Math was really hard at first. I had trouble adding and remembering the presidents, but it was really fun. When Ana told me I had to use my planner, I was like UGH, but it turned out to help me A LOT with homework and studying for tests. My math has gotten so much better since I started. It used to be hard to add 2, and now I can easily do math in my head. My math quizzes are easier and I’m very proud of myself. I can tell my processing speed is way faster, so I can read and annotate quickly while still understanding everything. I’ve grown more confident and formed better learning habits, and I am going to miss coming to LearningRx.

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