” It was a miracle for us”

LearningRx changed my daughter’s future. Before LearningRx, she couldn’t remember much of anything. She couldn’t remember more than one instruction in a set of instructions, she couldn’t process information well enough or fast enough to learn, she was a struggling reader, and a struggling learner. I knew her self esteem was low after she one day told me, “I’m just stupid, mom.” I knew we needed to do something and LearningRx’s brain training was exactly what she needed. She didn’t need tutoring or someone to try and re-teach her because she wasn’t able to retain and process the information in the first place. LearningRx addressed the root cause of her learning difficulty, trained those cognitive skills that were weak for her, strengthened her brain which raised her IQ 20 points, and changed her life forever. Today, she is a confident young lady, wonderful reader who has a book going at all times, she is learning faster, easier and more efficiently, and she remembers everything. It changed her, it changed our family dynamics, and it opened up her future. It was a miracle for us. It was so life changing that I chose to become the Director of this LearningRx in Indianapolis. I am so blessed to be able to offer hope to struggling students and their families. How rewarding it is to watch lives and futures get changed every day!

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