I’m so, very thankful for this opportunity

I’m so, very grateful for this opportunity for Jaxon. He struggled so badly in school to the point of coming home crying, saying he isn’t smart and can’t read like the other kids in class. It broke my heart and I didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting it. My older son had no problem so this was all new. We decided to seek help. My best friend is a teacher and recommended we try LearningRx, so we did. The day we came in and I saw things the way he saw them, I couldn’t help but cry. My husband is dyslexic and we were told Jaxon showed signs of dyslexia too. I was told to read a paragraph the way dyslexics see things. I couldn’t do it. All I could think about was how many times I stood over him telling him to “Just read it, it isn’t that difficult.” My heart was broken because of how I handled it, but I truly didn’t understand. His confidence in school is so much better. It’s made a world of a difference. We thank you Mrs. Joan for everything you have done. Can’t wait to start the new year to see how he does.

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