“If I can do this, you can do this” LearningRx Charlotte, NC Review

Struggling Reader reviews LearningRx Charlotte

My story at LearningRx My grades in reading were not that great including my end of grade test scores. I did not like to read at all. Anything that involved a lot of reading I ended up doing really bad on it. The reason why I did not like to read was because I had a hard time making a movie in my head. I couldn’t visualize what was happening in the story and would get lost and confused. Here is my story on how everything changed. My parents wanted me to do better with my reading. At first I did not want to do this. However, when we came to LearningRx they showed me around and talked to me about how they play games to help retrain my brain. I really like how we played games to help me learn. For me it made learning fun. Before my first session, I had to watch a movie called The Karate Kid. It was good and had to answer some question about the movie at my first session. My brain trainer was Kerry and she is so sweet and nice. I met with Kerry three days a week from July through April. Now, you always have one trainer. Sometimes you will have two trainers when one is learning to be a trainer. When you pass levels you get points. You can choose prizes from their selection or choose an item you would like to get instead. We spent a lot of time working on improving my reading, however we worked on math too. I needed to improve my math skills but math problems also involve reading. My family, teachers and I saw me grow in my reading. My confidence has grown as well. If I can do this, you can do this. Don’t give up when it’s hard. I learned to try my best and not to let myself down. My reading has really improved. I am making 90 and higher in reading and math at school. I now like to read because I can make a movie in my mind. As of right now I have read 20 books this school year. That is a lot of books for one school year for me.

Elizabeth J.

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