” I was able to concentrate and stay focused for longer periods of time, increasing my productivity.”

LearningRx creates positive new habits!

Learning Rx has been a tremendous blessing in my life. This experience as a student at LearningRx has given me so much in such a short amount of time. LearningRx has allowed me to feel confident and hopeful about my future again, something I had lost before I walked into the center. Before coming to Learning Rx, I was scared for my future, terrified of not being able to keep up with school work in graduate school and any job for that matter. Any kind of cognitive task seemed so much more difficult than it seemingly had been for other classmates my age. Tasks from being able to recall directions someone would give me to reading a paragraph in a textbook caused me extreme anxiety and overwhelming feelings of embarrassment that I did not feel I was a adequate or capable enough to do it. Reading a few pages from a book would take me hours, because I for some reason could not comprehend or process the information. I was so frustrated and overwhelmed that I thought to myself, “why even try?” or “I should just settle for something that doesn’t involve mental energy.” But when I heard about Learning Rx, I attended an assessment with David, not sure what this place was all about. Once we sat down and had a discussion about my fears and frustrations in keeping up and pursuing my passion to become a school counselor, I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be. This was what I needed for years. Throughout my time at LearningRx as a student, I gained an immense amount of confidence; not only when it pertains to my school work, but now in general, which was an unexpected but amazing outcome. With my trainer, Meagan, helping me along the way, I finally felt myself becoming more and more confident in my capabilities and less anxious. I started to notice that I was able to concentrate and stay focused for longer periods of time, increasing my productivity. This in turn made me more motivated to keep going. I’ve received A’s and one B in my graduate classes thus far, and I feel like I am learning more than I ever did before Learning Rx. I am actually taking in and absorbing new information and am able to recall that information later. Now that I am finished with my time as a student at LearningRx, I would love nothing more than to return the favor and become a trainer myself. As an aspiring professional school counselor, I think that becoming a trainer would be a wonderful opportunity to get to know students and their current struggles in and outside of the classroom. From someone who understands on at least some level how frustrating it can be to feel like you are working so hard in school and not making any progress, I want to be that person to bring that hope back, that so many students so desperately need

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