I recommend this program to build up confidence. LearningRx Colorado Springs, CO Review

We came to LearningRX last spring to see if there was something we could do to help our 6th grader’s struggles in school. She was frustrated, frequently lost focus, and was failing most of her classes. She took the initial assessment and it identified 3 key areas of improvement for her. She was assigned to a trainer that she bonded to instantly and enjoyed her sessions 3 times a week for the entirety of the program. Miss Imani, the director, was engaged with us throughout the whole processes and she even came to our school during a conference with our daughter’s teacher and school staff. She was amazingly helpful and has a lot of experience that she is willing to share concerning the program, raising her own children through their struggles, and contacts throughout the education and therapy world. Our program ended during the summer so we don’t know for sure how it will impact our daughter in this new school year, but all 3 areas they targeted showed improvement on her final assessment. We look forward to seeing how she applies the skills she learned in the new year. All in all, I recommend this program to anyone who is looking to understand why their child is struggling and to build up their child’s confidence in their own learning ability in a positive way.

Scott and Katie P.

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