I recommend them wholeheartedly! LearningRx Red Bank, NJ Review

i have used learning rx for both my children in the past and had a wonderful experience. my daughter jumped up two grades in math, going from grade level to double accelerated following her sessions at age 9. more recently i have used them to help my daughter, now in a prestigious new england prep school, fully regain her cognitive functioning post concussion. michael, cameron, jess, nicole and the entire team were all wonderful with her. not only did they address residual issues like memory and processing speed, they also helped support her through the negative thinking and depressed mental outlook that can frequently accompany post concussion syndrome. if she was having a bad day she would leave learning rx with a smile on her face, and frequently with donuts or homemade muffins supplied by her trainer! i can’t say enough about this franchise and i recommend them wholeheartedly! they are pricey, but your kids are worth every penny.

Andrea P.

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