I just can’t recommend LearningRx enough! Knoxville, TN Review

My 13-year-old son has been attending learningRx for about two months now. I am so thankful for the progress I’m already seeing in my sons confidence, abilities, and life in general. He had two major concussions around third and fourth grade and since then has been struggling with retaining information in school, taking tests, focusing and listening, and even struggled in his daily life tasks, which had me repeating myself over and over again and reminding him of things he needed to do. We initially went to learningRx to help him with his cognitive processing skills in hopes that it would better his education. I had no idea how that would also help us in our home life and in his quality of life in general. I originally thought that he would just need extra tutoring because of his school issues in learning, but when I came across them online I realize that this is exactly where he needed to go. From the first phone call and the first visit, we were respected and felt personally accepted and most of all heard & listened to. Courtney was the first person we talked to and she made us feel so comfortable. She was exceptional at explaining the whole process as well as what to expect in the months to come. She worked with us to figure out the best plan, and set up goals. She’s been compassionate the whole time and extremely helpful. My sons confidence level, and his desire to learn, has changed dramatically. He doesn’t hate school anymore, and just yesterday told me that he noticed how he was really able to listen and focus in class. He was super excited to get his homework done in study hall because he was able to focus. It makes me happier than anything to hear him say he is happy to learn again!! Everybody likes examples so here’s just a few… There’s more subtle examples but these are some of the big ones that stood out to me the most. So I usually have my son text my clients for me when we’re driving somewhere. He’s only really been able to remember maybe two words out of a sentence as I tell it to him, but a couple weeks ago I said a sentence and he said OK I’m done. I asked what did he get so far, and he said the whole thing. And he did. He dictated the whole sentence perfectly. I didn’t have to repeat a word and I haven’t had to since. Also before learningRx, if he would spill something he would just sit there and stare at it and not know how to problem solve. The other day he had spilled something and before it even started dripping off the table he was already on his way back from the kitchen with a towel and cleaned it up. I didn’t even have to say anything. I know for some people they would say well that’s just common sense… And it should be but up to that moment he would just be like a deer in headlights. His brain literally just couldn’t process what to do next. The reason these are significant is because his auditory, Logic and reasoning, short term, and long-term memory skills were very low when he started this program. There’s so much more that I could say…. but this is already pretty lengthy, but I just can’t recommend learningRx enough! This program has literally helped us to live a better life that we’ve been struggling in for so long. Im already so thankful for what it’s done for our quality of life, and can’t wait to see the full transformation when he completes the program! Thanks so much learningRx!!

Jodanna K.

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