I highly recommend this training for anyone desiring to improve brain function or keep their mind sharp. Fairfax, VA LearningRx Review

My heart goes out to students and adults who feel frustrated, embarrassed, or overwhelmed paying attention, remembering, and processing information to get things done well in a timely manner. What I love most about being a Certified Cognitive Skills Brain Trainer at LearningRx in Fairfax, Virginia, is contributing to, and seeing, the transformation trainees and their families experience as they overcome challenges and complete their program. Distinct from teaching/tutoring, researched-based LearningRx programs are designed to strengthen brain function to enhance thinking, reading, math, comprehension, study, work, and life skills for all ages. Following assessment, lesson plans may be tailored to specific needs such as ADHD, autism, learning disability, dyslexia, traumatic brain injury, age-related memory loss or speech and language disorder. Owners Don and Lian Hollenbeck provide excellent leadership, a warm welcome and comfortable family atmosphere in the convenient office location. During school breaks, travels, COVID, or storm weather warnings, online training may be done easily at home or remote locations. In addition to year-round flexible scheduling, there is a friendly and supportive trainee-trainer teamwork culture here. With fun physical and intellectual learning activities, encouragement and diligence, trainees grow in feeling safe and secure to work through weaknesses, build confidence and experience the joy of accelerated achievement. While schools and other education centers closed when COVID stay-at-home orders were announced, the LearningRx national headquarters quickly adapted training materials, enabling Hollenbeck’s LearningRx Fairfax and Leesburg teams to seamlessly transition from office to home training without program interruption for trainees and their families. I highly recommend this training for anyone desiring to improve brain function or keep their mind sharp.

Denene D.

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