I can’t thank them enough. LearningRx Fort Collins, CO Review

Outstanding! Joseph can read. Learning Rx was able to teach my son how to read. The caring staff headed by Mike Winchell do an excellent job helping children and adults be their best. (My son, Joseph, is a minority, immigrant, orphan from Uganda, English as a second language learner. He was really struggling in Kindergarten.) This is not extra tutoring, but a custom designed program to help improve fundamental cognitive performance in your child. Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at any claim to be able to fundamentally improve IQ. However, after 4 months at LearningRx Jospeh had huge breakthroughs. Not only was he reading, he was asking questions about signs and the world around him for the first time. He believed he could learn and became excited about learning and school. LearningRx has well trained professionals that know how to get kids “unstuck” and “out of the ditch”. As parents we can read to kids and help with homework, but for serious learning difficulties or cognitive issues we are ill-equipped to help our kids. Joe received a lot of extra help and support from the great staff at his school. At the end of the school year, his teachers were amazed perhaps even astounded that he would actually legitimately pass Kindergarten. I strongly recommend LearningRx in Fort Collins and happily endorse their business. I can’t thank them enough.

Michael B.

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