I cannot say enough about how wonderful this program was for our family. Warren, NJ LearningRx Review

All 3 of my sons attended full programs (3 times per week, in person) at LearningRx in 2019. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this program was for our family. Each one of my kids has a different need, and LearningRx tailored their program to give each one their own, respective journey. My eldest did well in school but needed an extra push to reach for excellence, especially with his writing. LearningRx advanced him to that next level, and he truly enjoyed the process. My middle son has suboptimal short-term memory, and the training did a great job to help him process in a different way and retain concepts better/longer. He has also since become an avid reader, which I think was driven by enhanced comprehension skills that he developed at LearningRx. Finally, our youngest has ADHD. One of the key areas we were trying to improve – auditory processing – was significantly enhanced through the training he received (by VERY patient and caring LearningRx teachers!). The dedication of the owners and teachers toward the students was truly exceptional; my children viewed their coaches as trusted supporters of them as individuals. Mike even reached out to us 3 months after we wrapped up our course work, just to check on us and see how we were doing during the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are seeking a supportive and caring environment for your kids to effectively develop their cognitive skills, look no further than LearningRx Warren.

Hillary A

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