I am so thankful for LearningRx. Marlboro, NJ Review

My son had struggled since Kindergarten with school, in second grade he was diagnosed with severe auditory processing disorder and was able to get an IEP. This helped a bit but he was still struggling and just not able to keep up. He was in resource classes for all subjects and we were both feeling defeated. I happened to come across an ad in the newspaper for LearningRx and decided let’s check it out. I was so wonderfully pleased I made that decision. He started learning Rx when he was in 4th grade and was in all resource classes at the time still only achieving 2nd grade results. By the end of his program at LearningRx and the start of 5th grade he had placed out of all his resource classes and was in the general classroom keeping up with all his studies. He actually gained honor roll for his first time ever! He is now a junior in HS and is still on the honor roll. I’m so thankful for LearningRx and the help they gave my son. I truly believe because of their program he was able to overcome his struggles with school. He has even asked to go back for some summer programs, because he saw the vast improvement in himself. I also think the individualized training he received from his trainer, Nicole, helped greatly too. He had such a connection with her that years later he still talks about her and how much he enjoyed working with her. We are both so thankful to LearningRx and Nicole for all their help with Mark. I would recommend both to anyone who is currently struggling in school.

J Cure

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