I actually cried tears of relief! LearningRx Shreveport, LA Review

When I first heard a friend talk about LearningRx, I knew that we needed to explore it. I suspected that Ethan and Logan both had some form of Attention Deficit Disorder. Although both boys were highly capable, both were struggling in school. Our home life was unbearable and I was starting to question my sanity. I remember sitting down and going over their test scores. I actually cried! Tears of relief, just knowing that we could help the boys which in return was going to increase the quality of life for our entire family. It was an amazing weight lifted off my shoulders.

Both Ethan and Logan were experiencing cognitive and developmental delays that were creating life skills problems for them.

We have seen a huge increase in focus, attention to detail, and general self-esteem. It is definitely worth the money and time investment for the program; We would do it again and recommend LearningRx to anyone that has children that are struggling.

David and Mccrea W.

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